Feminist Art by Guerrilla Girls On Tour! — the only touring company in the United States creating theatre that takes a hilarious look at the current state of women in the arts and beyond.  Guerrilla Girls On Tour!’s plays and performances mix a variety of comedic techniques such as parody, sketch, improv, slapstick and song-and-dance resulting in a distinct feminist theatre style.  We make theatre that is interactive, involving our audiences in writing assignments, sing-a-longs and audience participation, which allows us to theatrically address issues like pay equity, body image, reproductive rights and herstory/history/hirstory while engaging the audience at the same time.  Guerrilla Girls On Tour! aims to educate, entertain and ultimately transform our audiences into identifying as activist/artists.  In addition to creating new plays and performances we focus on leading workshops and master classes in using feminist art and theatre to address local concerns.

We begin developing all of our theatre pieces by collaborating on a feminist artwork.  This is ultimately incorporated into the play’s design via projections. These feminist art posters act as an extra character in each performance – taking on a factual, questioning and, most of the time, satirical voice.  Every town we perform in is researched for local statistics and facts about the current state of women and this is incorporated into every script making each performance unique and site-specific.  Enjoy our portfolio of feminist art.