What They’re Saying about The Art of Activism Tour

“A wonderful addition to our festival!” – Devil’s Kitchen Literary Festival

“An  upbeat, performantive lecture which was surprisingly different in a beautiful way.  Kaz left the audience with several nuggets of concentrated advice”  – Brockport Stylus 

“Inspiring, insightful, hilarious and fun – Aphra Behn aka Donna Kaz challenged the audience to think about how misogyny and sexism infiltrate the arts and left us with ideas about how we can use activism and art to change the world.”  – Missoula Art Museum

“Your performance was exceptional and inspiring. Thank you for bringing your wonderful activism, energy and talent to our campus…people are STILL talking about it!”
– Jessica McKelvie Kemp – LSU

What They’re Saying about Guerrilla Girls On Tour

“They came bearing statistics, practical tips, sight gags and a clear desire to connect with their audience. And by the time the three Guerrilla Girls On Tour left their standing room only Gig they had planted enough seeds to grow a forest.”
– Ronald Ehmke, The Buffalo News

“I don’t know any other political artists who use humor more intelligently than Guerrilla Girls On Tour.”
– Ann Saint Claire – Art and Politics, French Channel 3

“An edgy, multimedia approach to the history of women presented with humor and style. On our campus, Gloria Steinem told an audience of 800 plus people how much she admired Guerrilla Girls On Tour. What an endorsement of their work!”
– Prof. Martha Bailey, Women’s Studies Prog. SIU

“Guerrilla Girls On Tour’s satirical antics skewer the sexism of the theatre world.”
– Alisa Solomon, The Village Voice

“With their signature symbiosis of wit and balls Guerrilla Girls On Tour have won the sobriquet: masked avengers of Broadway.”
– Margo Ebling, the Village Voice

– Elisa Turner, The Miami Herald

“Feminists Are Funny” has an air of celebration about it, but it also has some potent satire aimed at everything from women’s issues to gay marriage and the war in Iraq.”
– Morgan Falconer, The London Times

“One of the most uplifting events I have ever attended.”
– Kaitlin Gray, SUNY Fredonia

“Guerrilla Girls On Tour incited laughter and provoked thought from even the most skeptical audience members.”
– Brittany Lee, The Sandspur

“Your workshop, class visit and performance added to our Women’s History Month celebration. Many students commented on your humor and accessible style!”
– Kim Powell, Luther College

“They brought humor and poise to issues involving sexism, race and age discrimination in an entertaining program written, produced and acted by women”
– Hannah Skewes, The Vanguard, University of Alabama

“Wonderfully funny and educational. A great use of humor for serious subjects.”
– University of Hawaii

“Energizing event, very well performed!”
– Wright State University

“Deserves a round of bananas!”
– New York Cool

“Amazing! Our students in the GGOT workshop went from talking about gender justice to political action in less than 3 hours.
Viva Guerrilla Girls On Tour! “
–Jennifer Baumgardner, co-founder of Soapbox Feminist Summer Camp

“Powerfully sincere and well-received by the crowd that packed the Lincoln Center Atrium.”
– Anna Swanson, The Semioptician

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