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ExcerptThe Story of WE ARE THEATRE

Since 2001 Guerrilla Girls On Tour! have staged an annual protest around the time of the TONY awards to highlight sexism in theatre. We used the TONY awards as our platform because we wanted to talk about the fact that women aren’t nominated for Tony’s because they aren’t hired on Broadway – the highest paying area of theatre. (The largest number of women working in theatre in the NYC area is off, off, off, off Broadway). And besides, the Tony Award is named after a woman of the theatre, Antoinette Perry, for goddess sake, so women should work on Broadway and be nominated for Tony’s. But alas, even in seasons where there are 4 plays by women produced on Broadway (2011/12) no women were nominated for a best play Tony. Since 2001 we’ve done marches and sticker campaigns and angry ads and funny fax blitzes but this year we decided that since it was only 8 years to 2020 we should think bigger. WE ARE THEATRE was hatched after months of meetings at a mid-town Starbucks where we brazenly occupied the tables and chairs without purchasing a single Chai Latte. The members of the WE ARE THEATRE executive committee wrote to women playwrights we knew and didn’t know and asked them to write us a short play, song, skit or spoken word piece about sexism in theatre. The 27 plays included here represent every play we received.


BY: Tiffany Antone, Aphra Behn, Brooke Berman, Lynne S. Brandon, Paula Cizmar, Sarah Duncan, Jyl Lynn Felman, Lauren Ferebee, Dominique Fishback, Mila Golubov, Elizabeth Hess, Yvette Heyliger, Velina Hasu Houston, Penny Jackson, Andrea Lepcio, Marianne McDonald, Irina Merkina, Honor Molloy, Brighde Mullins, Vince Peterson, Sophia Romma, Laura Shamas, Mary Steelsmith, Caridad Svich, Kathleen Warnock, Sheilah Rae, Theresa Rebeck, Thelma Virata de Castro, Shay Youngblood and Guerrilla Girls On Tour!


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We Are Theatre






 Yvette X in We Are Theatre” 



Intro – The Power of the Push by Aphra Behn


1) Share the Page by Velina Hasu Houston

2) Cunt by Elizabeth Hess

3) Good Ol’Guys (SONG) by Sheilah Rae/Vince Peterson

4) The Portal by Paula Cizmar

5) Do You Have Children? by Thelma Virata de Castro

6) Little Black Actress by Dominique Fishback

7) The Proposal by Irina Merkina

8) Sexism In Theatre by Lynne S. Brandon

9) Meeting Mr. Resistance by Laura Shamas

10) Bridge to Baraka (Excerpt) by Yvette X (aka Heyliger)

11) SHE By Caridad Svich

12) A Rejection In Full by Mila Golubov

13) No Place Like Home (Excerpt) by Brooke Berman

14) Who’s The Man? by Mary Steelsmith


15) Volume Control by Tiffany Antone

16) A Quick Story by Penny Jackson

17) Chopping Cabbage by Sophia Romma

18) Shit Gets Wrecked by Brighde Mullins

19) Musings, or Kick Ass, Your Choice by Marianne McDonald

20) Not Published / Not Produced by Honor Molloy

21) Are You Ready? by Andrea Lepcio

22) Sportswriter, A True Story by Kathleen Warnock

23) I am Estonia by Jyl Lynn Felman

24) The Feminist Assassin by Lauren Ferebee

25) PSA by Sarah M. Duncan

26) How to Make Art an Action by Shay Youngblood

27) Why Can’t We Do That In The Theatre? by Theresa Rebeck

28) Oh! The Joys of Being a Woman Playwright by Guerrilla Girls On Tour!