UN/MASKED, Memoirs of a Guerrilla Girl On Tour by Aphra Behn

UN/MASKED, Memoirs of a Guerrilla Girl On Tour

by Aphra Behn


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UN/MASKED, Memoirs of a Guerrilla Girl On Tour is a vivid memoir of an eager, energetic woman of the theatre confronting sexism in love and art. It’s also a rare first-hand account of life inside the famed Guerrilla Girls, those gorilla-masked artists and performers who made feminist protest daring, original and fun. – Katha Pollitt, Nation Columnist, poet, essayist, and author

Fierce, funny and shrewd, much like the Guerrilla Girls themselves, Aphra Behn has written a memoir filled with so much hope and frustration it’s impossible to put down.  A page-turning how-to about changing the world, and the challenges therein. – Theresa Rebeck, playwright (Seminar), television writer (Smash) and novelist (I’m Glad About You)

I loved this book by a woman with dreams that don’t get realized but she makes her life work, no matter what, and tells her story with such honesty and clarity. An incredible achievement. It is unique, original and Aphra Behn is what Arthur Penn would say, somethin’ else. — Estelle Parsons, Oscar winning actress

A rollicking ride of a memoir. Aphra Behn takes us from Hollywood to Broadway and back with some wonderful twists and turns of real live feminist activism in between. UN/MASKED is a 21st century artist turned activist success story for the rest of us. –  Kate Bornstein, author of A Queer and Pleasant Danger

A unique chronicle of an artist/warrior’s journey through love, politics, creativity and violence, from someone who has lived through the social issues of our time. A compelling read and ride written in the voice of both an observer and participant of an engaging and relevant life. –  Patti Occhiuzzo Giggans, Executive Director, Peace Over Violence

In alternating chapters and eras, Aphra Behn‘s memoir divulges her secret lives. In the ’70s her public identity was that of a struggling actress and girlfriend of a famous Hollywood star, while privately she was a victim of domestic violence, chillingly addicted to her life-threatening relationship. Two decades later she began a nineteen-year career as an activist with the clandestine arts gender-justice warriors The Guerrilla Girls, granting the reader a security pass into a mysterious and renowned revolutionary arts secret society. A compelling and page-turning read, and a testament that fighters for fairness and justice are not born: they are made. – Kia Corthron, playwright

Booklist says of UN/MASKED: MEMOIRS OF A GUERRILLA GIRL ON TOUR: “Kaz really is a graduate of the school of hard knocks, in the most literal and visceral sense. . . In this often hilarious yet heartbreaking memoir, Kaz chronicles both her courageous struggle to overcome deep-seated emotional trauma and her ongoing involvement as a fierce advocate for women’s rights both in the theater and in life.”

UN/MASKED, Memoirs of a Guerrilla Girl On Tour