On March 2, we appeared at John Carroll University in Ohio, a Jesuit University. Our workshop was attended by a core group of passionate activists from the student body and our performance that evening caused quite a stir.


On April 25th, we were proud to co-sponsor the March for Womens™ Lives

in Washington DC



Dear Guerrilla Girls On Tour,


I just attended your talk which was held at John Carroll University. I have a few comments which I would like to share. I consider myself a feminist who wishes to uphold the rights of women. However, I resent that your group upholds the notion that in order to be a feminist one cannot be pro-life, too religious, a Democrat or a homemaker. I am in fact an avid pro-lifer, a proud Catholic and a Republican (oh yes and believe it or not I DO want to help and fight for women’s issues!) I think if you want to continue to promote your cause you need to step outside of the box so to speak and expand your horizons. You are only causing derision and frustration among feminists rather than forming bonds of unity. So get off your ban wagon (sic) and begin by loving and encouraging all women….not just those whom you believe spew the right opinions and political agendas.



Sarah K




Dear Guerrilla Girls On Tour,


I am a white male who attended your presentation at John Carroll University as a requirement for my philosophy class. I agree that just because someone is a women they should not be treated unfairly. But, I believe the way that you presented your argument was not only rude but irresponsible. Even though you supported your argument with facts and statistics I believe that your attacks on political figure heads such as president George W. Bush, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Rudi Gulliani were not only unconnected to your argument but also ridiculous. All three of these men are not directly related to the inequalities of women in theatre and in art.


– Lance Z.

“white male, I must be a sexist”




Dear Lance, Yes they are.




Dear Guerrilla Girls On Tour,


I was at your presentation and I have to admit that after seeing that you are co-sponsoring the Pro-Choice March advertised on the back cover of Ms. Magazine, I was absolutely disgusted. In fact, I was no longer able to view your group as a group of feminists, but instead I saw you as quite the opposite. For it is hypocritical to call yourself a feminist when you also support abortion. A woman’s ability to conceive and bear children is a wonderful gift. Yet you seem to view child-bearing as little better than a curse. Abortion and contraception actually degrade women. I realize there are difficult situations, such as when a pregnancy jeopardizes the mother’s life, or if the child is conceived through a rape or incest. But, as difficult (even tragic) as they may be, such circumstances do not justify killing an innocent human being. Women know deep down that abortion is wrong. This is why so many women suffer depression and other psychological problems after abortions. I don’t think many “feminists” understand that the Pro-Life movement is out of love for not only the unborn, but for the mothers as well. True feminists would agree and should be outraged by the issue of abortion, so why are so many feminists still pro-choice?



A. M.





Dear A.M,

Please see Alexandra Exter’s diary entry that follows:


Dear Diary,


The march in D.C. was so inspiring- I was moved by the combination of strength, devotion, humor, and intelligence of the marchers. It felt great to be in a living moving sea of people all marching for the kind of change that we work for. With the current political climate it is easy to become discouraged with America, but I was reminded by the nearly million people in attendance that the majority of people in the U.S. are pro – choice and do care about the health and lives of women and men in this country and in the world. My favorite chant was ” Keep your rosaries out of my ovaries!!” Many people were interested in our signs and wanted to find out what the GGOT’s are working on — I was particularly moved when a girl came up and told me she had read about us in her feminist theory class and that she loves us! The few meager “pro-life” protesters were drowned out by the vibrancy and passion of the marchers. I really felt a part of herstory in the making, and connected to the many protesters who have filled the mall over time working for greater freedom. Upon returning to New York, I was smacked in the face with the reality of the battle we have to fight when an acquaintance of mine referred to the march as a “baby killing march.” When are people going to realize it is “pro- life” to be pro- choice?