I’ve got a headache…give me a third term abortion

In the third and final (thank goddess) debate, John McCain addressed the issue of abortion. He used his fingers to put quotes around the words — health of the mother — stating emphatically that the “ ‘health of the mother’ is stretched by pro-abortionists to mean just about anything.” Just about anything? Just about ANYTHING? Are you saying that a pregnant woman with a whopper of a head ache in her third trimester would seriously consider Advil, acupuncture and abortion on the same list of remedies? What a sexist insult. My health and the health of every women in America, including during pregnancy, should be a concern for anyone running for president. It does not belong between McCain’s or anyone elses fingers. Senator McCain, I “think” you just “threw away” all those “Hillary” votes you were “counting” on.

-Aphra Behn

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