The Art of Activism TOUR



February 4 – If You Can Stand the Heat, The History of Women and Food – Monmouth University, NJ 4:30PM

February 21 – ACT LIKE A FEMINIST ARTIST – SUNY Brockport, NY

March 1 PUSH/PUSHBACK, 9 Steps to make a difference with art and activism. University of Scranton, PA Hope Horn Gallery 5:30PM

March 5, 6 – ACT LIKE A FEMINIST ARTIST – Florida

March 22 ACT LIKE A FEMINIST ARTISTGlen Cove Library, Glen Cove, NY at 7PM

April 9 PUSH/PUSHBACK, 9 Steps to make a difference with art and activism, 2018 Women’s and Gender Studies Confernce: The Art of Activism, Wilkes University, PA

ACT LIKE A FEMINIST ARTIST: What No One Told You About Starting A Grassroots Movement by Aphra Behn

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a feminist masked avenger?  Aphra Behn shares her experiences as a feminist activist for gender parity in the performing art world for almost 20 years as a member of Guerrilla Girls (1997-2001) and Guerrilla Girl On Tour (2001 – present). Revealing the inside workings of the grassroots groups, she discusses the successes (posters; protests; fax blitzes, speak outs and street theatre); the struggles (hate mail; death threats; backlash) and the downright defeats (sabotage; infighting). “Act Like a Feminist Artist” is a 60 to minute talk framed with readings from Aphra’s upcoming memoir.  UN/MASKED, Memoirs of a Guerrilla Girl on Tour forthcoming from Skyhorse Publications in November of 2016.

NEW! PUSH/PUSHBACK – – 9 Steps to make a difference with art and activism

In 1997 Aphra Behn became a member of the Guerrilla Girls; activist/feminists whose mission was to shed light on discrimination in the arts. As a theatre artist she spearheaded the Guerrilla Girl campaign to address sexism in the theatre world and in 2001 formed Guerrilla Girls On Tour, a touring theatre company which created visual works, performances and street theatre actions that focused on promoting gender parity in the arts and other issues effecting women and artists of color. On November 1, 2016, she published a memoir about her life entitled, UN/MASKED, Memoirs of a Guerrilla Girl On Tour. As she toured the country reading from the book someone always asked me this: What can I do? How can I effect change? Even though she had shared some of the tactics of the Guerrilla Girls in my memoir she quickly came to the conclusion that another, more detailed guide, was needed to help people deal with the craziness of the twenty-first century. People are angry, scared, sad and feel helpless. The problems of the world appear to be untenable. There is so much that needs changing, how can one person tackle it all? Push/Pushback is a humorous and enlightening interactive lecture detailing how one person can push against the status quo.

NEW! Survivors Stories in the #MeToo World – How to Harnass the Power of Truth.

Survivors of violence, whose stories had been met with everything from hushed skepticism to bald-faced doubt just a short time ago, are now being listened to and believed. How can the power of these voices rising be captured to raise awareness and find solutions to eliminating violence in our world? This interactive lecuture focusus on the use of writing, drawing, theatre and storytelling to thread survivors stories into the fabric of the movement to end violence against women. Survivor turned activist, Aphra Behn aka Donna Kaz, discusses in detail how to support survivors who are ready to speak power to their personal truth via memoir, visual work, public speaking and community collaborations with local art organizations.  

IF YOU CAN STAND THE HEAT: The History Of Women In Food

Hungry? So are we. With a recent grant from the Puffin Foundation we developed this new comedy in 2009. If You Can Stand The Heat: The History of Women and Food addresses women’s anxiety around food and the body; features a handful of lady culinary heroes who contributed to the menus of our daily lives; and investigates what responsibilities we have as surplus-food American citizens to the under-nourished nations in our global community. The result is a hilarious, flour-dusted, theatrically surprising stage conversation meant to dissolve fears of food and encourage freedom of the fork. Spoiler alert: We wouldn’t be surprised if somebody got a pie in the face.

75 minutes. 3 performers. 2 technical crew.


Got the giggles? Whenever we do we head back into the jungle to rework our signature show, Feminists Are Funny. We make sure to include up-to-the-minute commentary on hot political topics, breaking news in women’s issues and bunches of bananas in this riotous 70 minute romp through our famous posters, street theatre actions, and excerpts from the current comedies in our repertoire. Skits, songs and parodies in Feminists Are Funny address reproductive rights, war, sex trafficking, hunger, herstory/history/hirstory and violence against women.

70 minutes. 2 to 3 performers. 2 technical crew.


Antsy? Then take a look at Silence is Violence. This play includes a 30-minute section on statistics and strategies for combating violence against women. We dramatize a series of date rape situations and educate the audience with information on how they can set boundaries and avoid potentially dangerous situations. Skits dramatizing bystander intervention end this upbeat and empowering show. Local and statewide stats regarding violence against women are incorporated into each performance making each one site-specific. Silence Is Violence is also part up-to-the minute commentary on hot political topics and part overview of Guerrilla Girls On Tour’s most famous posters, performance art and protests.

70 minutes. 3 performers. 2 technical crew.


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